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On-the-go breakfast mason jar

On-the-go breakfast mason jar


New recipe perfect for busy people or school days mornings!

It's healthy and so easy and quick to make!

You will need :


-yogurt (I use vanilla but you are as free to use what you want even tough plain and vanilla are the best yogurts to make this recipe)

-seeds (I use pumpkin seeds and sliced almonds)

-a mason jar (or any container you have, I use a "Bonne Maman" jelly jar)

You will have to :

-put one layer of raspberries in your jar

-add a layer of yogurt

-then add a layer of seeds

-then one layer of raspberries again, then yogurt again, then seeds again

-for the end, since my jar was full i decided to add one other layer of raspberries (you are free to have as many layers as you want, that's just the way I do it)

-then I close my jar, put it in the fridge and eat my fruit-yogurt in the morning

What's great about it :

-it takes you like five minutes to make it

-you can wake up 5-10 minutes later because your breakfast is already ready

-you can eat fast

-it's healthy (my 2k16 resolution)

Well I hope you liked that recipe and that it helps you in the morning or anything else!

See you soon for a new recipe or a book review <3

On-the-go breakfast mason jar