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Best hot chocolate ever

Best hot chocolate ever

For this hot cocoa, I also added vanilla ;)
For this hot cocoa, I also added vanilla ;)


It's blizzard time with snow storm Jonas! The Weather Channel says 2ft+ of snow in DC so we are going to be snowed in! It's already snowing and I just came back from the japanese restaurant and I'm FREEZING! Everything in my area is already covered in snow and it's so pretty and white. :)))))

If you still have power during the blizzard, you can make this hot chocolate to warm yourself up!

You will need :

-chocolate (I use 1 stick and a half of Jacques chocolate but use as much chocolate as you want, it depends on your taste : if you want it more milky or more chocolatey)



-a mug (I usually use my cow mug but I can't find it anymore :((( )

You will have to :

-Pour milk in your mug and stop when you have 2 centimeters between the top of your mug and the milk.

-Pour the milk from your mug into a pan and wait until it's hot (be careful that is doesn't boil because otherwise there will be some kind of "skin" on your chocolate)

-Add the chocolate and use whip to help it melt

-Add cinnamon and quickly use your whip to mix it with the hot coco

-Pour your cinna-cocoa milk in your mug

**I like to add a little bit more of cinnamon but you can add whipped cream and anything you want**

This hot cocoa is so delicious <3

My mouth is watering just thinking about it :P

See you soon for a new recipe or a DIY!