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Harry Potter pencil wand

Harry Potter pencil wand


Are you a HUGE HP fan like me? (BTW, I think you probably know it but if you don't, HP means Harry Potter)

Then that pencil wand is for YOU! It's so cool. But just to be clear, it's not a wand but a pencil looking like a wand. You can still use this "recipe" to make yourself a wand.

You will need :

-a pencil (I use a brand-new pencil so it's very long; if you want to make a wand just use a bamboo stick like a sushi stick)

-a glue gun

-glue sticks (for your glue gun, but DUH)

-brown paint

You are going to :

-make sure your glue gun is hot

-take the not sharpened end of your pencil (or the fat end of your bamboo stick) and glue the design you want for the part were you would hold your wand if it was a real one

****If this explanation about glue was not clear enough, here is how I did it : ****

1. First, for my design, cover the end of my pencil of glue

2. Then, to approximatively 5 centimeters (almost 2 inches) of the covered-of-glue end, use your glue gun and turn your pencil. You should have some kind of "glue ring" on your pencil.

3. When your "glue ring" is dry (it should be dry very quickly, that's one advantage of glue guns), add a second coat of glue on your "ring".

4. When your "ring" and your covered-of-glue end are dry, in the middle of these two, glue three small "rings".

5. When everything's dry, you are good with your design.

-Your design done, paint your pencil wand in brown (any browns you want and as many coats as you want)

There! You made a pencil wand (or a wand).

I really hope you liked that DIY and that all your HP-fan-friends are jealous of your awesome pencil (again, or wand).

See you soon for a new recipe or a new DIY <3