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Mason jar salad

Mason jar salad

Hello again!

This recipe is great for a small and healthy lunch. It's pretty good too.

You will need :

-salad (I use iceberg or romaine hearts)

-grilled bacon (cut in small piece)

-avocado (cut in pieces)

-grilled chicken (cold)

-tomatoes (cut in pieces)

-cream cheese

-a mason jar (or any container, I use a "Bonne Maman" jelly jar)

You will have to :

-put one layer of cream cheese in the jar

-then add one of tomatoes, then chicken, avocado, bacon and finally add the salad

-close the jar with the lid to eat it later (if you do, keep refrigerated) or eat it right away

It's so good and healthy <3

Hope you enjoyed it and see you soon for new posts!