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Percy Jackson "drachma" jar

Percy Jackson "drachma" jar

Hello PJ fans (PJ = Percy Jackson, HO = Heroes of Olympus)!

You have a lot of dimes, nickels, quarters, pennies and don't know what to do with them and you love Percy Jackson or the Heroes of Olympus?

First, if you're a kid, give your quarters to your parents and ask them to reimburse you in dollar bills : quarters are so useful in parking lots. ;))

Then, do this great PJ/HO DIY to put all your dimes, nickels and you know the rest.

You will need :

-a jar (I use a BIG Target jar, but you can use a jar like a "Bonne Maman" jelly jar if you don't have that much money in small pieces)

-a blue paper (a small rectangle is definitely the best but you can use a square or a circle)

-a white piece of paper (you will cut the paper into the same shape as your blue paper but smaller)

-a glue stick (a glue gun is good too but be sure your blue and white paper is thick enough then)

-a Sharpie

-your money

You will have to :

-glue your blue shape on the jar, then glue your smaller shape on the blue one

-with your Sharpie, write drachma in greek on the white shape(it's not ancient Greek, but present Greek still makes the illusion)

Drachma in Greek : δραχμή

-put all your money in the jar

Tadaaa! You made a drachma jar!

Okay it's not that PercyJackson-y but still, when you're a fan, you like to have that kind of stuff!

I hope you liked making that fast and easy DIY <3 :)