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The recipe to a good sleep

The recipe to a good sleep

Hello people who like to sleep!

Sleeping is important! It helps you grow and feel good and fresh. (But you already know that, right!?)

To sleep well, you are going to have to do some things you will not like.

The magic recipe :

1. 30 to 40 minutes of relaxing which means no TV, no phones (I know, that's hard), no chasing your bros and sistas. Why? Because it's exciting your brain and doesn't help you have a sleepy brain to well, sleep! Instead, read some pages of a book or listen to calm music.

2. Pay attention to signs : are you yawning all the time? Are your eyes almost closed? Are you slow? You're sleepy and need the SLEEP! Don't wait, go immediately to sleep.

3. Light meals : eating too much will make your stomach aches and feel heavy and that doesn't help AT ALL for your sleeping. Try not to eat sweets or drink sodas. Instead, drink milk, tea or water. If you can, try to go to bed two hours after eating and ou will be able to sleep even faster!

4. Softness : soft pyjamas, a good mattress, a good pillow, light colors on your walls. If you're cold don't turn the heat up, just add a blanket. Softness will make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

5 (optional). If you are stressed and anxious, tell your problems or how you feel to someone or an animal you really like. Examples : your cat, fish, diary, bro, sis, bestie

I hope you liked this recipe to a good sleep. Last piece of advice (that works great for me) : I really like to work out (press for link)before I go to sleep because it takes all the energy out of me and makes me sleepy but it's not following the first rule of the recipe.

So did this recipe help you? Comment below <3

See you :))))