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Roasted banana

Roasted banana


This recipe is loved by EVERYONE! It's easy and quick to make, and it's very good.

It's not as healthy as my On-the-go breakfast mason jar (click for link) but it's still good and honestly not that bad for your health, donut worry... (cheesy joke I know that)

You will need :

-one banana


-a pan

You will have to :

-cut your banana

-put your butter in the hot pan and wait till it melts

-when the butter is making small fizzing bubbles, put the banana in the pan

-turn the banana so it's well roasted

-put on a plate and eat!

Why it's good :

-it's a small quantity

-it's sugary but not too much

I hope you liked that easy recipe and that every friend of yours that comes tastes your bananas is going to be jealous (JK but you got me) <3

See you soon

Roasted banana