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Salad of the month

Salad of the month


It's Sunday and many of you might be asking yourselves "What am I going to eat?"

Well here is your answer (even though you might not have all of the ingredients):

I call this salad Vanilla-Pea Shoots salad because well you have vanilla and pea shoots in it. It's SOOOOO good and it makes me feel fresh and healthy. I like to drink fresh water with it because it makes me feel even fresher. It's definitely one of my favorite dishes.

Ingredients :

-A handful and half of pea shoots

-A carrot

-A tbsp and half of olive oil

-A tsp of Balsamic vinegar


-Vanilla (not liquid extract, but powdery)


1. Peel your carrot, wash you pea shoots.

2. Cut them in small pieces (no need to become all chef-ish, just put them together and cut).

3. Put together in a bowl and add a pinch of salt, the olive oil, the vinegar and the vanilla powder.

4. Mix.

5. Put in a bowl and add more vanilla on top to make it pretty and tasty.

Tada! It's so DELICIOUSLY GOOD! Don't add too much salt because it becomes...yuk.

I hope you liked this recipe and that you loved your salad.

See you soon for other recipes or DIYs!